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The project I VINAI is born from the great passion for wine that unites a circle of passionate producers of excellent winemaking from various regions of Italy with Francesco Scalia , a DOC Italian who is a dynamic expert of commerce, connoisseur of wines, and creator and manager of the group, whom in 2008 united their strengths to bring forward these strengths to the rest of the world.

Francesco, throughout the years, has created a team of expert collaborators in probelm solving and internal organization , which allows for a simple and fluent collaboration with all importers .

The attention and constant resarch for new opportunities offered every day by players, gives the Gruppo the possibility to promote a large portfolio of quality products , which allows for the guarantee of the best cost/quality relationship available in the market.

The GRUPPO I VINAI is based in Brooklyn, NYC, under the command of founder and CEO Francesco Scalia. The headquarters for South America are located in the city of São Paulo , Brazil, guided by Egidio De Rosa , another DOC Italian, with expertise in marketing and international commerce, and extended experience in the hospitality and restaurant sector. In order to cover the occidental part of the United States, Los Angeles was established as the organizational headquarters.

Wine Certificate classes
The higest level of trainig for those who want to become a winemaker
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Level of the program allow you to become a professional sommelier
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Anyone can get necessary knowledge about wine and alcoholic beverages

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